Join this ever-growing community of leading companies to gain competitive advantages in the understanding, development, deployment, and adoption of IoT technologies and industrial analytics.

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IoT members receiving certificates from the tutorial on “Predictive Analytics with Rattle and R”.

You can begin the process by completing the enrollment and organization representative form.

UW-Madison IoT Membership Enrollment Form          &         Organization Representative Form

1) Fill in your organization name and address where indicated on the enrollment form
2) Sign and date the enrollment form
3) Complete the organization representative form
4) Email both forms to

Once we receive your IoT Center enrollment form, we will then send an invoice to the listed company representative giving them directions on how to proceed.

Membership Benefits

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1. Learn from leader and experts at our events

  • The UW IoT Center’s events are an effective forum to gain subject-matter expertise, innovative ideas, proven best practices, and practical insights.
  • Our events feature leading-edge knowledge and perspectives from industry and academic experts
  • Tutorial, workshops, and seminars provide in-person and remote training for practitioners in emerging IoT related areas

2. Engage in collaborative learning and precompetitive research

  • Jointly investigate issues & challenges of common interest including IoT analytics and business value
  • Co-conduct research projects to study specific IoT use-cases
  • Synthesize the collective knowledge of members

3. Access to a talent pipeline of students for internships and full-time jobs

  • Opportunity to work with faculty and graduate/undergraduate students at no cost for members
  • Engage and interact with a diverse group of talented students at our member seminars
  • The UW IoT Center engages a multidisciplinary group of exceptional graduate students as research and project assistants
  • These students are knowledgeable, innovative, entrepreneurial and well-prepared to help support and lead your company’s IoT efforts

4. Opportunity to sponsor company-specific proprietary research with UW faculty

  • Company-sponsored research projects are protected by NDA and intellectual property agreements
  • Leverage faculty expertise in key IoT areas such as industrial analytics, process control and improvement, and security
  • Access cutting-edge research results
  • Help to build your company’s next-generation IoT capabilities and accelerate product innovation and solutions development

Member Companies