In our center projects, we bring together students and faculty with company engineers to investigate, research, and develop company-specific IoT and industrial analytics technologies. We help our member companies gain a competitive advantage through deeper understanding, accelerated innovation and development, and successful deployment and adoption of IoT and industrial analytics.

We offer two types of projects: precompetitive projects and company-specific proprietary projects.

Precompetitive research projects

Precompetitive research projects are open to member companies and allows each company one project a year at no cost. The final project report will be in the form of a written report and/or presentation. This type of project is precompetitive in nature and the project results may be shared with member companies.

Sample precompetitive projects can be found here.

Company-specific proprietary projects

Company-specific proprietary projects are sponsored by a specific company. The scope and duration are project-specific. The project findings will be protected by an explicit IP agreement negotiated between the university and the company.

Sample proprietary projects can be found here


We have a renowned group of faculty experts affiliated with our center. Our center is interested in and has expertise in a wide range of project topics including industrial data analytics (e.g., trending, change detection, prediction, pattern analysis),  decision making related topics (e.g., industrial process simulation, productivity analysis, scheduling, and planning), and other IoT related topics.


  • Provide assistance to investigate company-specific engineering problems related to IoT and industrial analytics
  • Build close collaboration between university and companies
  • Provide collaborative learning opportunities for company professionals
  • Provide training opportunity for undergraduate/graduate students
  • Provide a way for companies to access student talent